Alpacas for Sale - Pet Males

Purchase of wethers may better fit the budget of many lifestylers when they begin their involvement with alpacas and is an attractive option when starting out. Many alpaca farmers began in this way only to find themselves captivated and soon the owners of several more! 
The management of wethers is simpler than of females, obviously because the hassles of breeding and PMT don't come into it: keeping wethers may fit into your lifestyle more readily for this reason.
Wethers are good fleece growers as they do not have other stresses on their body such as mating , pregnancy and lactation and they tend to maintain their fleece qualities.   
Our wethers are all halter trained and will make great pets and companion animals.
Animals are sold as wethers on the understanding that castration is carried out at the expense of alpacasRstyle when they reach  the optimum age of 18 months.

These pets are sold individually for $400 plus gst (unless otherwise stated)  but you can only have one if you have other alpacas for company.   We discount multiple purchases.

alpacasRstyle McJagger

IARIAR No. 1018268
Date of Birth11/02/2016
Age 4 years old
PriceNZ$400 + GST
DescriptionNice natured boy

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alpacasRstyle Montgomery

IARIAR No. 1015614
Date of Birth17/01/2016
Age 4 years old
ColourMedium Fawn
PriceNZ$400 + GST
DescriptionNice boy with a lovely handling fleece

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